The Departure!

I packed up, ate a magnificent dinner at Caiola’s and said goodbye.

Well, I guess I should say, I ate a magnificent dinner at Caiola’s, put off packing, slept in, finally (and frantically) packed, and then said goodbye.

After finding out last second that one of my airlines is on strike and my connection from Madrid to Barcelona would not actually be much of a connection, I acted quickly to get my current situation: an extremely early flight out of Boston and a direct flight from JFK to Barcelona, with a seven hour layover in between.

So here I am in America’s Gateway, waiting to get out for a four-month adventure of new food, new friends, and new food. (That was intentional).

I’m trying to maintain my composure while I sit at my gate for what seems like will last for a lifetime plus a jump over an ocean, but I can’t help but make a weird face that conveys my mixed emotions of excitement, anxiety, and the-certain-attidude-needed-to-get-through-airports-while-traveling. So Dave, if you’re right and I meet someone that is also traveling abroad, I hope I’m lucky ‘cause my face doesn’t really say “hello!” too obviously right now.

I’m off for some coffee and food!

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