Getting to Know Barcelona

1. Spanish is not the first language spoken here, it’s Catalan. Catalan is similar to Spanish, but at the same time extremely different. Everything is in Catalan, street signs, metro stops, advertisements, menus, etc.

2. The Metro is much easier to navigate than I expected even though there are countless lines. I am much more comfortable with the Metro than by walking on streets. I got lost on the streets even though its a gridded city.

3. There aren’t as many siestas as I expected. I am exhausted.. but I don’t really get to take a nap in the afternoon like you are led to believe.

4. Wine. With everything. You get wine with lunch, you get wine with dinner, you get wine. When you’re tired you get wine to wake up (it doesn’t work), when it’s late you have wine before bed (it works).

5. Food. In Barcelona, you eat. And eat. And eat. We have a little bit for breakfast, we eat big lunches, an afternoon snack, and a huge dinner of multiple courses. The food is amazing. For lunch I stick with the cheaper options like sandwiches or tortillas (it’s like an omelet with potatoes and onions, not at all like Mexican tortillas).

Today one of my roommates and I ate lunch together and then picked a random stop on the subway and walked around. We found the Arc de Triomf:Image

And we also found La Sagrada Familia which is a cathedral that was designed by Gaudi and still hasn’t been completed:Image

Another notable site was in Parc de la Ciutadella where we found a fountain:ImageImage


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