Classes and Travels

It’s been a while since I last posted, but I have an extremely full schedule now. I am taking an extracurricular Catalan Language class so that I can get the basics while I’m here. It goes a long way if you try to speak Catalan to people here, they really appreciate us trying to learn.

For the past two weeks I’ve been working on finalizing my schedule, and starting my classes. My newest class (a political science class taught in Spanish) starts on Tuesday this week. Two of my classes end March 15th and the rest end at the end of April. I have a lot of classes, and my schedule isn’t great, but after March 15th I’m relatively free.

I have been continuing to meet awesome new people and finding new parts of the city. I found Churros con Chocolate, Macarons, Bunyuelos (almost like a doughnut but better), and countless other new foods. I just recently tried a German beer that has been brewed since the late 1300s called Franziskaner which is a Weissbier. It was awesome! It had flavors of Banana and Clove.

Last weekend we went to Montjuic, which is a castle on top of a mountain inside Barcelona city-limits. We could have hiked to the top, but there was also a gondola which we decided was worth it. We got to the top just before sunset and watched the sun go down over the city. When the park closed, we rode the Gondola back down as the lights in the city were being turned on.

This weekend we went to Valencia, which is about 400km south of here. On the way, we stopped at and got a tour at the Torres Vineyard. Because it’s winter, the grapevines were dead and there wasn’t really much to see. In Valencia we went to the City of Arts and Sciences’ Aquarium in the morning and then got a guided city tour in the afternoon and evening. The city is absolutely gorgeous and has a long history.

Today on our way back from Valencia, we stopped in Tarragona which is just 100km south of Barcelona. Tarragona dates back to BC times and was a very important Roman City. Many of the Roman ruins are still standing and we got a tour of some of them. We saw an amphitheater, the wall the encloses the city, old tunnels, and a cathedral. We lucked out because the weather today was perfectly sunny.


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