Pre-Trip Prep


The most time consuming and important task I have been working on before my move has been paperwork. Applying to school involved sending information back and forth between UVM and Barcelona; then, when I was accepted, I was sending even more information to Barcelona. Transcripts, signatures, legal forms, tuition bills. The visa application process involved insurance forms, medical forms, school forms, translation services, notary publics, and apostilles. Now, I am mostly done with my paperwork, but once I get back to Barcelona I will have to get an apartment, open a bank account, get ready for my classes, turn in my visa for a residency card, and apply for jobs and internships. The paperwork seems like it will never end.

It sounds like awful grudge-work, but there is some fun stuff too. Getting my own apartment means I get to design it. Pinterest and Houzz and other design centric websites have been fun to look through. Keeping up with the restaurants and food, exploring my options for a cooking internship, deciding to take German as my foreign language class. I have so much to look forward to, as long as I take a moment to look up from the paperwork on my desk and daydream.


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