Off to Prague

This summer working at the bakery, I met someone who very quickly became a good friend. We have the same interests: food, travel, and music, and happened to both be leaving for Europe right around the same time. She was headed to Prague to spend a semester learning about the music culture there and I, obviously was heading back to Barcelona. We agreed that it would be necessary to visit each other and explore each city.

I am leaving the cold, wet weather of late fall in Barcelona for the colder weather in Prague. You may say that I didn’t plan the trip very well, but I like to think it’s open ended. I bought the tickets just a couple weeks ago, I booked my hotel late last night, I have no idea what I’m going to do while I’m there, furthermore, I’ve never heard a word of Czech. I don’t even have a map.

What I do know is that for me, travelling is more about discovering serendipitously. Or in less elegant terms, getting lost. Prague is one of the few cities in Europe that was spared during the world wars, and I am excited to get a glimpse of the architecture, winding streets, and its culture. Other than going to visit my friend, I am going to get lost, to wander, and to warm up in a café, to drink the beer, and to taste the food. The most exciting part about travelling for me, is wondering what I might encounter.


One thought on “Off to Prague

  1. Prague is gorgeous! Hope you’re having an amazing time! Luckily Prague is easy to navigate (I travel like you — I like to get lost too). The tram system has signs with arrows that list what stops come next in that direction – foolproof, huh? (Though that still isn’t too helpful if you don’t read Czech… or have a map/guide book to tell you which stops to look out for! haha) The beer is great and the food is so hearty! I’m excited to hear all about your time there! Miss you! 🙂

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